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 Certificaten ITC Holland B.V.



We own several certificates that are explained below:


- ISO9001 smallISO 9001:2008
This certificate verifies that a company's standard with regards to quality management is within the norms. Of course we consider customer satisfaction and meet all the legal demands within our sector. We have been awarded this certificate since 1992. Our most recent ISO-certificate is shown here.


- ISO9001 smallHACCP
Using HACCP guidelines, pertaining food safety, we have charted the risks for deviations in food quality. For this purpose we have devised monitoring procedures that are observed closely. We were awarded the HACCP certificate for the first time in 2001. Our most recent HACCP certificate is shown here.


- KosherKosher
This certificate entitles us to transport kosher food stuffs. This means that, if necessary, we can issue a certificate for transportation of food according to the Jewish dietary laws for the freight it concerns. We have owned this certification since 2003. Our most recent certificate is shown here.


This directive concerns the guarantee of adhering to the cattle feed law and legislation. We own this certificate for the transport of raw materials for cattle feed. We have been certified since 2001 and our most recent GMP certificate is shown here (Dutch version).


The Association of Tankcleaning Companies Netherlands (ATCN) has developed a degree of recognition to guarantee regard for the environment and the quality of service of the tank cleaning companies adequately. ITC Holland Transport is entitled to carry the predicate " recognized tank cleaning company". We have been certified since 2009 and have received a certificate for this year as well. Our most recent ATCN certificate is shown here (Dutch version).


- SQAS kopieSQAS
Since September 2012 we are in receipt of proof that our cleaning has passed the SQAS assessment successfully and attained an above average score. Since then we are officially convinced that our cleaning adheres to all safety requirements, set by the market. Our SQAS-attestation can be found here.


- EFTCO Food

EFTCO FoodThe latest recognition received by ITC is the “EFCTO Food assessed” business. We have owned this recognition since September 2015 and it applies to our tank cleaning, acknowledging our tank cleaning station for food products. The EFCTO Food assessment especially demands norms for food safety within a tank cleaning. Our EFTCO Food attestation can be found here.