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 Certificaten ITC Holland B.V.

Core Values


To clarify and cement her mission, ITC has drafted four core values that lie at the heart of our business. These four core values are: Sustainability, Hygiene, Flexibility and Dependability. By using these core values as a guidance in our business and implementing them with everything we do, we think we can actually realize our mission. On this page, the core values for ITC and the way we utilize these core values during our operational processes are explained.


Sustainability is very important to us. As a tank transport company we have a relatively large impact on the environment. We acknowledge our responsibility to operate as CO²-neutral as possible. Our company has deployed a bioreactor that converts fats-containing wastewater from tank cleanings into biogas - a first in the world. This way we contribute to a cleaner world while cleaning the tanks. Our fleet consists solely of durable Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles and our drivers are trained in "Het Nieuwe Rijden" (The New Way of Driving). We also use intermodal transportation on long hauls and we use tank containers to transport liquid food via rail or water play roulette online casino, in cooperation with the customer and partner transport organizations. Last, but not least, we continuously stay abreast of new developments related to doing business in an environmentally responsible way. We monitor our use of gas, water, electricity and fuel minutely and strive to communicate and administrate digitally as much as possible. We also try to minimize our garbage. More about our durable entrepreneurial spirit is explained on our page about Corporate Social Responsibility.



For a transport company of liquid foods, hygiene related to the products is of the utmost importance. Extreme care needs to be taken at all times. We achieve this through careful checking procedures before and after the loading of the products and by a painstaking sealing procedure of the tanks. We have received the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for our procedures. For food safety we satisfy the HACCP guidelines. Our tank cleaning occurs in a clean and hygienic way, certified by ATCN. Our cleaning system and the procedures for the tank cleaning are continuously perfected in cooperation with suppliers and customers to continue to guarantee an optimal secure system. On a regular basis we conduct several hygienic analyses to confirm that the quality remains guaranteed, such as: ATP tests, PH tests and allergens tests. We are certified to clean Kosher and we possess a GMP+ certificate to conduct transport in the cattle feed industry. To be able to continue to guarantee our hygiene, we maintain our materials such as tanks and hoses in the best possible way and we test the functions of our materials on a regular basis. Our material, our know-how and our appropriate certification prove that we are a reliable transport company for liquid food and raw materials. Additional information about our certification under Certification.



Every product and every customer has their own requirements with regards to transport. In our position of confidence we like to respond to your specific demands and wishes. With us, you, the customer, is guaranteed the proverbial King. We can offer this flexibility because we have a large assortment of tank trailers and tank containers. Tanks containing a sole compartment or multiple compartments, the possibility to maintain the desired temperature for the product during transportation, or the option to choose containers to do a large haul - we offer sufficient possibilities to find a suitable solution for you. We could provide you with just a driver and a vehicle or we could take on the complete transport planning from raw material to end product. In the latter scenario you can devote all your energies to your core business, while we relieve you of any worries, related to transport. Our priority is certitude and clear communication in all our dealings and because we are a solid and strong family business, with employees who care about the transport of liquid food, your product is guaranteed to be in good hands.


The assurance of quality, of course, is of the utmost importance for a customer. Our many years of experience in hauling liquid foods and our certification prove that our goal is; delivery of quality. We also own a large fleet of diverse vehicles, a tank cleaning facility, a sheet metal workshop, a garage and a truck wash. Concerning communication, our #1 priority for you is dependability. We like clear and distinct communications, something we can offer through modern communication equipment. Your shipment can be traced 24 hours per day, throughout entire Europe, which gives you, the client, even more certitude and transparency.