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In addition to the fact that the cargo is kept at a certain temperature during transport, there is the possibility to heat/steam products in Oss.


In Oss we have the possibility to temporarily store your products in our tank containers. If desired, the loads are kept at a certain temperature or warmed up by our hot water system/steam equipment.

Track & Trace

In addition to the fact that all our trucks are equipped with modern means of communication, we have also placed a GPS/temperature monitoring system on our tank containers. This allows our planners – and our clients, if they so desire – to see where a load is located and what the temperature of the load is at any given time.


In order to give our customers as much insight as possible in the desired KPIs, it is possible – together with our software supplier solution – to develop a dashboard according to your wishes & device.

Our services


We have different types of tank trailers, allowing for every kind of product and every wish of the customer a suitable solution can be found.


ITC has a tank cleaning in its own management. At our home base in Oss we have two jobs where we can clean food tanks and apart from that we have one line where non-food (feed, no ADR) tanks can be cleaned as well.