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Tank Cleaning

ITC has a tank cleaning under its own management. At our home base in Oss we have two stations where we can clean food tanks and a separate line where non-food (feed, no ADR) tanks can be cleaned as well. We do not just clean our own vessels but provide that service to many of our colleagues as well. We do this in a sustainable way, by means of our bioreactor.

The cleaning system was developed together with Gröninger BV and is regularly maintained to keep the system safe. In addition, our cleaning procedures are regularly perfected in collaboration with our suppliers and customers. Our tank cleaning has all the necessary certifications, which can be found under the Quality page.

If you have a question regarding the cleaning, please send an email or call us at: 0412-66 42 46.

Hours of operation
Monday to Friday         06:00 – 21:00 hr
Saturday                      07:30 – 12:00 hr
Sunday                         Closed

Adjusted opening hours

18-04-2022 – 2nd Easter          Closed
27-04-2022 – King’s Day           08:00/15:00
26-05-2022 – Ascension Day    Closed
06-06-2022 – Whit Monday      Closed

Truck wash

On the website of Travis Road Services there is the possibility to order a laundry card that can be exchanged at various truck wash places in the Netherlands. We also accept these washing cards. For more information and discounts, visit the website

Hours of operation

Tuesday to Thursday: 09:00 – 17:00 hr
Friday: 09:00 – 21:00 hr
Saturday: 07:30 – 12:00 hr
Sunday: Closed

Outside these hours only by appointment.

Bio reactor

In cooperation with Paques and partners Wageningen University and Research and LeAF, we have developed this bioreactor. Since about 2009 this bioreactor is operational on our site. The reactor is the first of its kind, and uses an innovative anaerobic (oxygen-free) system to purify the fat-containing waste water and at the same time to generate as much as possible valuable biogas.

Other services


We have different types of tank trailers, allowing for every kind of product and every wish of the customer a suitable solution can be found.

Other services

Heating, storage, Track & Trace and Dashboard.